The experience includes:

  • Description of the history and traditions of the ‘Cacio di Pienza’, the organization which produces it, a guided tour of the premises, and an explanation of the different phases of production and seasoning of the cheese.
  • Guided tasting of different types of cheese (at least five), and if in season the ricotta, so you have a better understanding of the characteristics and quality of the product, served with particular typical Tuscan accompaniments, such as pears, or seasonal fruits, honey, jams, and samples of bread toasted with extra virgin biological olive oil, and an unforgettable goblet of good wine.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: PIENZA
Languages Spoken: Italian
Services Included: English translator and minibus
Suitable for Celiac or vegetarian: Yes
Suitable for children: Yes
Dogs allowed: No
Accessible for disabled people: Yes